TIGER Pro is a front end tool for assisting the user to write good requirements
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TIGER Pro is a front end tool for assisting the user to write good requirements. TIGER Pro provides a partial solution to the problem of poor requirements by synergizing the principles of Total Quality Management, expert systems, and knowledge management. The part of the problem solved, is the common practice of producing documents containing requirement statements that are poorly worded so as to be vague and unverifiable, and contain multiple requirements in a single paragraph, which complicates the traceability of tests to requirements.

The format and characteristics of good and bad requirements have been published for years, yet people are still producing poorly worded requirements. This is because many of the writers of requirements have little idea of the consequences of poorly written requirements.

TIGER Pro contains an Expert System that performs syntactic processing on text mode requirements from the testing perspective and points out requirements that may be difficult to verify, or that are written in a manner that complicate testing. TIGER Pro will not find all the defects in requirements but it does go a long way to improving written requirements.

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